Our Mission

Clarity Practice Management Associates is a full-service management company specializing in the creation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of practices in the health care arena. We provide our clients with well-structured solutions that translate into more efficiently run offices, greater revenue, and a more satisfied patient population. Our clients trust that with CPMA leading their growth and transformation, more time and energy is available to serve their patients' needs. Exhaustive evaluations attentive assessment, sound solutions... this is the CPMA promise.

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What We Do

Quite simply, we help create and transform health care practices. Bottom line. We have years of experience in providing our clients with the needed evaluation, creation, and implementation of processes that are key to successful practices.

Practice Builder

Our Practice Builder track helps start practices and builds them from the ground up. We offer our clients individualized services that fit them and their patients' needs.

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Evaluation and Solutions

The Evaluation and Solutions track serves to discover problems and improve performance in a practice that may have inefficiencies.

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Management and Implementation

Our Management and Implementation track serves to implement this revenue-generating, sustainable practices. We will implement the recommendations made, while fine-tuning and making adjustments as the practice grows and needs change.

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